B-HARD  Ultra Race & Brevet

Center for Better Quality of Life

B-HARD Ultra Race & Brevet

6th to 10th of June, 2020

Preliminary schedule:

4th of June: 80 km promotional ride in Banja Luka county (non-binding).

5th of June: Assembly of the riders, technical check of the bikes and event briefing in the afternoon.

6th of June: Riders roll out at 6 AM CET. Detailed starting schedule is to be posted prior to the event start.

9th of June: The deadline for successfully completing the course is at midnight.

10th of June: Finishers ceremony at noon.

Project by:
Center for Better Quality of Life

Route designed by:
Nikica Atlagić cybernck

Social media presence and website by:
indivisual studio

Cover photo by:
Srđan Vujmilović Photography

Inspired by the Transcontinental Race and their ventures into Bosnia & Herzegovina, an avid cyclist going by the name of Nikica Atlagić (aka cybernck) has come up with an idea of an ultramarathon route that would promote Bosnia & Herzegovina’s natural and historic beauties and present a great challenge for anyone interested in pedaling hard for several consecutive days.

The route has been carefully crafted to present B&H “in a nutshell” and is passing through National Parks, along rivers, lakes and waterfalls, over ski-centers and UNESCO World Heritage sites and generally stunning (and hilly!) terrain.

The main goal of the project is to promote unsupported and fully supported multi-day cycling tours as an official tourism offering of Banja Luka, the host city, with the pinnacle being an annual and very challenging self-supported ultracycling race – B-HARD.

The inaugural 2019 edition had seen the riders brave a demanding 1040 kilometer route with 12750 m of elevation gain within 75 hours time limit.  The event was also an official ACP BRM1000 randonneur / audax / brevet, which had run under different rules and with entirely separate classification. The time limit for getting a homologated BRM ride was also 75 hours, as per ACP rules. Apart from these two categories, we also held a 250 km single-day ride and the first ever gathering of female cyclists in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

For the 2020 edition of the race, the route is elongated to 1200 km with 90 h time limit. This, along with an even more elaborate organisation of the event, will make for another unforgettable cycling experience. The 2020 route details will be published soon but in the mean time you can continue scrolling through the slides on here for a virtual tour of what you’ll be experiencing in real life.

If you’ve got any question or wish to pre-register, you can do so by contacting us.

Why is B-HARD a unique event in the world of ultracycling?

In the wave of new ultra races popping up around the globe, this event is different in a way that it has been specifically designed to boost positive image and promote tourism of a very underestimated yet beautiful country, rather than be “yet another ultra race”.

The event offers a self-supported cycling ultramarathon race, an official audax/brevet and an option of a fully supported touring version too – so something there is something for everyone, although the main focus is on the prestigious race.

The route has not just been plotted out to be “extreme” or “epic” for its own sake (though it definitely comes across as both) – but the man behind it all has participated as a rider himself, as a sort of quality assurance.

And the last but not the least, the event is organised by a non-profit organisation, so everything we manage to score in terms of sponsorship and other kinds of support will be passed on to the riders!

Where the heck is Bosnia & Herzegovina and how can I get there?

There is a number of airports in the region to allow you to reach the start line from virtually anywhere in the World but being located in the heart of Europe – it’s not too long a drive either. Or you could simply cycle down here :). In any case, we stand at your disposal for any transportation or accommodation info you may require.

Never heard of Bosnia & Herzegovina? Take a look at this video!