CP4  374 km  Ljubuški

Municipality of Ljubuški

CP4  374 km  LJUBUŠKI

Checkpoint organised by:
Municipality of Ljubuški
Cycling Club Ljubuški

Cover photo by:
Perica Biško

Ljubuški is a town in the Western part of Herzegovina, with a medieval fortress from 15th century. The town sits at 100 meters above sea level and is graced with 2300 hours of sunshine a year. Ljubuški is located on Trebižat River which forms beautiful Kravica and Koćuša Waterfalls.

The run in towards Ljubuški is mostly downhill, so it won’t be hard on the full stomach while one of the stunning sunsets leads you into the night. CP4 marks the first third of the route, features free refreshments and also a common ground for a quick sleepover, including (limited amount of) sleeping bags and mats, so it presents a great location for a quick nap.