CP6  598 km  Tjentište

National Park Sutjeska

CP6  598 km  TJENTIŠTE

Checkpoint organised by:
National Park Sutjeska

Cover photo by:
Novak Elčić Photography

Tjentište is a valley in National Park Sutjeska – the oldest and largest national park in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which is by its natural values ​​and beauties the pearl of B&H and features one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe. Tjentište is also a home to the WW2 Battle of Sutjeska memorial complex.

Straight out of Trebinje, you’re greeted with a 6 km climb @ 5 % and then, after some rolling terrain along side a large lake, you gradually continue climbing for the next 50 km as well! A short downhill section to catch your breath will be handy because the beauty of the National Park will take it away again. You’ll be able to enjoy it over a full lunch though, so you’ll be glad to reach CP6 in more ways than one, especially as it marks the half-way of the whole route!