CP8  808 km  Jahorina

Tourist organization of East Sarajevo

CP8  808 km  JAHORINA

Jahorina is a mountain and ski resort located near the municipality of Pale, Sarajevo. Part of the Dinaric Alps, it has a summit elevation of 1916 meters and presents the highest point of B-HARD Ultra Race. Jahorina hosted the Women’s alpine skiing events of the 1984 Winter Olympics and 2019 EYOF.

Road to CP8 will definitely separate men from the boys. Straight out of Višegrad you need to tackle a 17 km climb with over 1000 m elevation gain, then a constant 10 km uphill section, followed by 5 km @ 7% – with downhill sections in-between. Only then will you be presented with a 13.5 km climb up to the highest point of the route @ 1670 m. It is 6% on average but with steep ramps, especially for the very last km. CP8 is a good place to get refreshments and stock up for the long descent ahead.