Although pre-determined by locations of touristic centers, checkpoints are pretty evenly and logically dispersed on the route. This also goes for full lunch course at CP3 during the first day and common resting place at CP4 for the first night, that should suit all but the most dedicated riders.

From then on, the tactics will determine the remainder of the logistics but another full course lunch, this time on CP6, should again suit most of the riders. Riders in the brevet category would probably look into resting again at CP7 or somewhere along the route towards CP8. This will enable them to reach CP9 at the end of the third day and have a short run in towards the finish early on the day four. Quicker riders might even finish during the night.

As for the race category, where every minute counts – riding strategy will be quite different and the decisions as to what to do on CP3 and when to take the next significant rest might be quite crucial to the remainder of the race.

Route map and elevation profile

The roads are a mixture of main, regional and local roads, all are surfaced with asphalt (of varying condition but just fine for 25+ mm tyres), save for some unexpected road works – and most are not too busy traffic-wise, except the portion from Sarajevo to Travnik (part of the route between CP8 and CP9).

There’s a 2100 m long modern tunnel with lighting and sidewalks between CP5 and CP6 and a series of different tunnels (some completely dark) just prior to reaching CP7. It will be obligatory to go into “full night mode” for the tunnels, regardless of the time of day you happen to reach them.

Also, normally there are multitude of petrol stations and cafes along the route, but a 40 km portion of the route between CP4 and CP5, between Čapljina and Ravno, follows Ćiro Bike Trail – an old railway converted to road, with no restocking options and quite intimidating if riding alone at night. However, there’s a very nice Hotel/Restaurant awaiting you in Ravno, should you need to resupply.

For the full route synopsis from start to finish, continue to checkpoints presentation.