CP2  162 km  Balkana

Opština Mrkonjić Grad

CP2  162 km  BALKANA

Checkpoint organised by:
Opština Mrkonjić Grad

Cover photo by:
Miroslav Šestić

The tourist complex of Balkana is composed of two artificial lakes extending on a total area of 56,000 m². The lakes are filled by the water of the mountain streams. The lakes are surrounded with pastures and thick oak and coniferous forests. A small part of the lake is made for swimming and the bigger one is rich with trout.

Once you descend from Mrakovica, you will be greeted with quiet roads on a rolling terrain, which will gradually take you all the way up to 850 m/alt. From that point, the altitude will drop a little bit and the beautiful lakes will be right around a corner. A perfect spot to prepare for what’s to come!