CP3  231 km  Kupres

Municipality of Kupres

CP3  231 km  KUPRES

Checkpoint organised by:
Municipality of Kupres

Cover photo by:
Denis Luburić

Kupres is a town in Dinaric Alps at 1180 m above sea-level, surrounded by mountain peaks, which makes it a famous ski resort but it also boasts active tourism like motocross, paragliding, horse-riding, mountain biking and off-road driving. It is also known for a large natural lake and medieval tombstones.

After leaving Balkana, you will gradually descend towards Pliva River, which you will then follow upstream. It will give you a chance to relax and get into rhythm. Once you reach the stunning Janjske Otoke Pliva River delta, you will start gaining altitude, to finally reach a 1200 m high plateau of Kupres where you will be greeted with complimentary full lunch.