CP10  1123 km  Vlašić

Tourist board of SBK

CP10  1123 km  VLAŠIĆ

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Tourist board of SBK
Cycling Club Tempo Vitez

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Vlašić is a mountain in geographical center of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is famous for its pastures, cattle-breeding and cheese. It is closest to the town of Travnik, which it overlooks. The mountain is a major center for winter tourism and it is also a popular destination for summer and eco tourism with many hiking trails and undisturbed wilderness areas. A viewpoint from Galica pass provides a spectacular view towards the valley.

The grueling and twisty 14.5 km climb up to 1500 m/alt (avg of 6.7% with some steep ramps) starts right away by leaving the city of Travnik and presents the penultimate climb on the route. CP10 is located on the very top of the climb and it’s a rather pleasant and convenient location for refreshments and short recovery. However, in order to reach Travnik going out of Konjic in the first place, you’ll need to tackle a couple of lengthy mountain passes, at 1120 and 1030 m of altitude, respectively.