CP4  366 km  Mostar

Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Tourist board

CP4  366 km  MOSTAR

Checkpoint organised by:
Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Tourist board

Cover photo by:
Vladimir Tadić

Mostar is a city of flowers and greenery. Its charm rests in its streets interwoven with the spirit of many different civilizations which have dwelled here. Situated only 60 km away from the seaside, Mostar has a pleasant Mediterranean climate. In the city itself and in its vicinity there are many unique locations with historical and cultural treasures, the most prominent being the Old Bridge, which joins the left and the right bank of the Herzegovinian pearl – the river Neretva.

Even-though you’re required to ride over 120 km in order to reach CP4 after leaving CP3, the road cascades from 1180 m/alt all the way down to just 40 m/alt, so it will be a relatively easy end to a day, especially as you’ll be greeted with a sight of a UNESCO World Heritage site, that the elegant Mostar’s Old Bridge is! Mostar also marks a location that will be quite convenient to seek accommodation at, providing you’ve split the route to 4-days of riding.