CP1  57 km  Kozara

National Park Kozara

CP1  57 km  KOZARA

Checkpoint organised by:
National Park Kozara

Cover photo by:
Vladimir Tadić – Svjetlopis

Mrakovica is located on the Kozara Mountain, in the heart of Kozara National Park. With elevation of 806 m, it presents an aerial spa and offers great possibilities for Summer and Winter sports alike. It is also a place of great significance in WW2 and hosts a large memorial complex.

CP1 perhaps comes in only at 57th kilometer of the route but it is situated on top of a 800 m high mountain, requiring you to do a 12 km climb @ 5% average gradient. After refreshments in the heart of the National Park, at the base of a WW2 monument, you are greeted with a descent along the same road and shortly after that the roller-coaster ride begins.