CP6  601 km  Sutjeska

National Park Sutjeska

CP6  601 km  SUTJESKA

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National Park Sutjeska

Cover photo by:
Novak Elčić Photography

National Park Sutjeska is the oldest and largest national park in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which is by its natural values ​​and beauties the pearl of B&H and features one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe. Tjentište in the Valley of Heroes is a home to the WW2 Battle of Sutjeska memorial complex.

Straight out of Trebinje, you’ll be greeted with a 6 km climb @ 5 % and then, after some rolling terrain along side one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe, you will gradually continue climbing for the next 50 km as well! A short downhill section to catch your breath will come in handy because the beauty of the National Park will take it away again. You’ll be glad to have reached CP6 in more ways than one, as it marks the half-way of the route and also makes for a great spot to restock your belly on tasty calories.