CP7  692 km  Višegrad

Tourist organization of Višegrad

CP7  692 km  VIŠEGRAD

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Tourist organization of Višegrad

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Novak Elčić Photography

Višegrad is located at the confluence of the Drina and Rzav rivers in Eastern RS and B&H. The town includes the Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was popularized by Ivo Andrić in his novel The Bridge on the Drina. A tourist site called Andrićgrad is located near the bridge.

Save for a 5.5 km climb @ 4.5%, followed by a similar descent, leading out of the Sutjeska National Park, this portion of the route follows Drina River downstream, so it is mostly flat and scenic. CP7 marks a second third of the route and a good spot for recovery but it would be advisable to plan your stay beforehand because this is a very busy place in summer months.