FINISH  1210 km  Banja Luka

Tourist board of Banja Luka


Checkpoint organised by:
Tourist board of Banja Luka

Cover photo by:
Miroslav Šestić

All the way from Jajce to Banja Luka, the Vrbas River will be your companion, mostly through several stunning canyons, except a small bump at halfway (2.5 km @ 4.7%), providing a magnificent view over a snake-like hydro-accumulation. The final 40 kms will be an easy roll into Banja Luka, so you will have plenty of time to decide how you’re going to celebrate at the finish line… with a small surprise at 5 km to go :).

Congratulations! You have returned to the starting point after a virtual journey through lush nature, turbulent history and diverse culture. We hope you have enjoyed the trip and – if you have – we promise you that in real life it’s actually infinitely better… and you’ll have your chance to experience it come June of 2021!