CP9  934 km  Bjelašnica



Checkpoint organised by:
Olympic Center ZOI’84

Cover photo by:
Igor Isanovic

Bjelašnica is the highest of the 1984 Winter Olympics Mountains, with a peak at 2067 m above sea level. The trails at “Babin Do” are one of the top European ski trails.  This ski resort has eight ski trails and five children’s trails, 3 chairlifts and 5 ski lifts, that lead to the top point of Bjelašnica mountain. The highest village in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Lukomir, is also located nearby.

The drop from Jahorina will take you via Pale to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina, in 30 kms. Riding through the city center and out of the city, the next 20 kms will be flat, with another 20 kms going gradually uphill, following Željeznica River upstream. This will set you up for the mountainous 30 km uphill section that will eventually take you to CP9, at 1300 m/alt, on Bjelašnica plateau – a perfect location for a proper night’s rest.